Dissolution by Garage Studios

What Is Dissolution? By Garage Studios

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 Set in extinction wars of 2418, Dissolution is a free-to-play FPS MMORPG you need to experience. The Sci-fi horror-themed tactical FPS is breathtaking, the creativity of this indie team Garage Studios has now assured distinction in the FPS world with this blockchain marvel.

The Game Changer

In a universe on the verge of pure human destruction, the human race is in a titanic moment of survival. A battle for the preservation of a species, in a battle against a hostile AI force hell-bent on the eradicating of the whole human race. Experience visually stimulating graphic in PvP and PvE, in amazing environments constructed from the talents of Garage Studios.

Spark of Genius

Dissolution is on a mission, that's a fact! After officially joining the Enjin Spark program and successively, LIVE on Mainnet. Thanks to an Enjin booth at GDC 2019, where Garage Studios tested the Unity SDK. Dissolution fittingly joined the Enjin’s ecosystem, with that joining the Multiverse. Now having the ability of tokenized assets using ERC-1155 token standard, Dissolution can now forge its own future.

Open-world MMORPG

The true depths of Dissolution and its vision lay in its open-world MMORPG. Due to the ERC-1155 token standard, only imagination can hold back this exhilarating blockchain-based symphony. But from what we can determine, Garage Studio has an endless supply of talent, especially when it comes to innovation and imagination.

Battling for resources and territory, the properties of Dissolution MMORPG will see an open-end universe full of possibilities. Corporations and Organizations controlling parts of the galaxy that will expand into Clans and Alliances. Creating infinite prospects using teamwork to overcome victory and power, these prospects will integrate earning and profits by playing.

Dissolution DFT

Driven because of the comprehension of mass adoption through gaming. Dissolution tailored their DFT's with this understanding, a supply of 100,000 DFT's was created that will reward holders with airdrops and rewards.

Individual Bonus

DFTs in your wallet and connected to the game will give holders a multiple boost of 1% per DFT on all in-game earnings and LP (Loyalty Points). An in-game maximum boost of 300 DFTs, meaning at cap at 300% bonus. 

Infantry & Ship Combat

DFT Bonus Loaning

A Corporate style economy gains traction through the DFT's, they can be used to generate “passive income” through an agreed percentage. These set percentages will compare with the earning that he borrower earnt in-game playing. An in-game maximum boost of 300 DFT's, meaning at cap at 300% bonus will apply.

Corporation DFT's


Corporate (Guild) Bonus

Once the completion of the MMORPG stage is accomplished, DFT's will grant Corporation/Company bonuses to all employees inside that organization.

A Bonus of Up to 150% boost in DIS earnings and LP for all employees from PvE missions. Up to 10% discount on military equipment purchased from Authorized Dealers and up to 20% off on ship insurance for all employees. Stackable on top of an individual bonus.

Employee Income % bonus per DFT (Max 50%) 0.05% per DFT
Employee LP % bonus per DFT (Max 50%) 0.05% per DFT

Dissolution Presale Discount


During presales, holders can enjoy a discount of up to 15%
Presale discount % per DFT (At a Maximum of 15% off)0.05% per DFT
DFT Requirement for Max Discount 300 DFTs


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